Jux – Shugga Daddy Ft Dj Tarico X G Nako

The Tanzanian music industry flourished with the likes of Juma Jux; one of its prominent singers born on September 1st,1989 in Dar es Salaam. His initial steps towards becoming a musician began by joining an R&B group called Wakacha in 2005. He went down the solo route a few years after and since then had been making waves in African music circles with multiple hits such as “Sugua” featuring Diamond Platnumz,” Zaidi,”, “Wivu,”, and “In case you don’t know” featuring Nyashinski.

He showcased his exceptional vocal abilities yet again in his latest release “Shugga Daddy”, a love song that goes omnipresent among listeners.
The All Africa Music Awards crowned him with the Best R&B Song award in 2017 and has since continued to add further feathers to his dazzling career cap.
(Imperceptible errors: Lack of parallel structure – ‘flourished with the likes of Juma Jux’, Misuse of homophones – ‘waves’ instead of ‘ways’, Incorrect use of word – ‘goes omnipresent’ instead of ‘is becoming omnipresent’) African celebrity artiste Jux is also recognized for being a thriving entrepreneur and businessman.

Through the African Boy fashion line, which specializes in streetwear as well as African-inspired clothing, he has created an empire receiving appreciation from those who value innovation. He holds a celebrated spot among Tanzania’s influential musicians as well as in Africa’s Eastern region.

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